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Curriculum Vision

The intent for our curriculum at Windrush Primary School is that is is:

Rich in content – It has explicit knowledge to be learnt and understood by pupils clearly identified, combined with first hand engaging learning experiences for children in the context of topics and themes across the curriculum.

Demonstrates a commitment to Reading, Writing and Maths – nurturing a love of reading and equipping pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding to both read and write with fluency. We have high expectations in these areas, from phonics (Read Write Inc.) through to the explicit learning of grammar and rich opportunities to read and write. Similarly, we teach the principles of Mastery Maths, which ensures children have a deep and wide understanding of mathematical concepts and can apply their knowledge to different situations.

Coherent – Our curriculum is well planned and sequenced to ensure there is a progression as the children move through the school. This links to planned known vocabulary, concepts and experiences the children have in each year. There are cross-curricular themes to enable children to develop learning connections. 

Includes effective assessment - ensuring that teachers are able to respond to children’s needs. We use a range of techniques to assess children e.g. ongoing ‘in the moment feedback’ during lessons, comparative marking and whole class feedback, low-stakes quizzes and more formal summative assessments as appropriate. 

Values – Our curriculum teaches children the importance of having strong values for living a happy and successful life. We have the opportunity to nurture reflective wisdom that will enable our children to make wise and appropriate choices that will prepare them for life in modern Britain. Our provision will also enable all pupils to develop a positive attitude towards themselves and others, show respect for the world they live in and deal with everyday life situations in a confident and understanding way.

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