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Personal Development and Extra Curricular Activities

Windrush School promotes the exstensive personal development of it's pupils. We provide opportunities for pupils to develop their talents and interests and they have access to a wide and rich set of experiences.

Our personal development curriculum is carefully planned for each year group and helps to strengthen children's character and develops their understanding of how to be responsible for their school community and the wider world. It celebrates achievements both in and outside of school and ensures opportunities are provided for those who may not have access to such rich experiences at home. 

Children's emotional literacy is supported through our PSHE and RSHE curriculum with individual and group interventions offered for those who may find managing their emotions more difficult. This is carefully planned alongside the Family Links parenting course to ensure children recieve a consistent message at home and school. 

We ensure every child's personal development is a priority with well trained staff who come equipped with a range of skill sets to support children of all abilities and backgrounds. 

Our partnership with parents and members of the local community broadens children's opportunities and helps them understand where their learning can take them. 

We use our Christian and British values to help demonstrate how children can become kind, responsible and respectful citizens. 

We have carefully selected resources and books to ensure children are able to see themselves and a wide range of cultures within the books they are reading. 

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