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School Uniform

Uniform List – Reception to Year 6

  • Royal Blue sweatshirt/ cardigan with logo 
  • Sky blue polo shirt with logo (additional sky blue polos without logo are allowed)
  • Grey dress, skirt, trousers or shorts
  • Grey socks or tights (or white ankle socks in the summer)
  • Summer dress in blue gingham
  • Black school shoes
  • A Royal Blue school coat with logo is also available- it is waterproof, warm and durable. 

PE Kit 

PE kits should be brought into school on the first day of the school week, remain in school throughout the week and be taken home at the weekend to be washed. Trainers are to be kept at school throughout the term, and are used at break times.  

  • Black shorts
  • White T-Shirt
  • Black/blue jogging bottoms in cold weather
  • Black/blue zip up top in cold weather
  • Trainers with Velcro fastenings


Our Nursery children have a uniform all of their own which is a blue gingham smock like the one pictured here. The children wear this over their own clothes to protect them during messy play activities. This also identifies them as our nursery children when in school and out. They can be handmade or purchased from our school office for £9. The children will bring it home each day so it can be washed (if needed) and worn again the next day.

Uniform Supplier

Uniform is available directly from our school supplier to your door. There is also the option of free delivery to the school which will happen on a weekly basis only. Returns are managed directly with the supplier and not the school.  

School coats are available from School Trends at 

All items of uniform should be clearly named to avoid children losing them. There is a wide variety of companies available to purchase labels, but we have secured 15% discount at Labels4Kids using the discount code: WINDRUSH (all capitals).


Children are not permitted to wear any jewellery except for watches and school badges. Pupils may have ears pierced but they may have only up to one piercing per ear. Earrings must be small, plain studs that should be taped over or removed for PE.


We do not allow headwear to be worn during class time or inside school buildings, except for religious or medical reasons. A scarf/hijab may be worn for religious reasons. It should be plain edged and black, close weave without decoration and must be tucked into PE kit for games and removed for gymnastics. The niqab should not be worn in school.


Hair should not be worn in extreme styles or colours. Long hair must be tied back at all times. Teachers are permitted to tie a child’s hair back if they arrive at school with their hair down. Normally Key Stage 2 children will be asked to do this themselves. Hair bands, clips or slides should be in the school colours (Blue, navy, white or black).


Shoes should be plain black. Trainers, boots, canvas shoes (including suede) or heeled shoes are not practical or permitted, nor are open-toed sandals. Pupils may wear warm or wet weather boots to travel to and from school in inclement weather conditions. 

Cold weather

During colder months all children should have a coat in school every day as we encourage outdoor play all year round.

Warm weather

During the summer children should have a hat to protect them from the sun and may also bring sun cream, although this has to be self-applied. Applying a long-lasting sunscreen before school is preferable. 



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